The Tribulation by Dr. Scott McQuate

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The most fascinating, jaw-dropping book ever written on the subject of the Tribulation, bar none.
Prepare to learn what you've never known.'
Steven H. - PhD., ThD., Pastor of 27 years.
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The Truth About The Tribulation

 What is the Tribulation...Really?  

The Tribulation spoken of in the Bible is a time of tremendous importance, but if you believe the Tribulation is connected to Christianity only, you couldn't be more wrong. As a fact, despite what you may have been taught by religious leaders and regardless of what they believe, themselves, Biblical Scholars, Pastors and Theologians are completely unaware of the secret, all-important truth about the Tribulation; and the millions they have taught, therefore, are unaware as well...just as prophesied.

The truth about the Tribulation was written long before the Bible came about within much older texts of cultures long pre-dating Christianity, such as the Mayan, Sumerian, Hindu and others. So, as strange as it may sound, until now, the truth of the Tribulation has been concealed...just as prophesied.

But this should be no surprise for those who understand the Bible, for in Daniel 12:4 we read that Daniel was told to 'seal up the book UNTIL THE TIME OF THE END, when knowledge would increase'. That statement was made more than 2600 years ago (600 years PRIOR TO to the establishment of Christianity) and since that time, the truth has been concealed in a Book that has never been opened until now...just as prophesied.

The question is, 'What has replaced the pure truth of the aforementioned 'book' spoken of in Daniel, since that time, for the last 2000 years?

The answer to that question, along with the truth of so many highly-important issues, including the Tribulation, are revealed in Dr. McQuate's book The Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed from Texts Predating The Bible. Contrary to the false belief that God does not hide the truth, this concealment was also prophesied in places like Proverbs 25:2 where we read 'It is the glory of GOD to conceal a matter, but the glory of KINGS to discover a matter'. It is no mistake that the name McQuate literally means Son of Rule as one who is called to uniquely fulfill this task at this time in history; and when you read any of Dr. McQuate's highly-acclaimed works, there will be no doubt that this is precisely what he has done.

The fact that the truth has been concealed is also why Jesus stated that in order to find it, we must ask, seek and knock, all of which carry the meaning of intrepid, persistent, constant seeking. This is because He understood, even thousands of years ago, that there had been a concerted effort to hide the truth that would make us free. Just as prophesied, the truth is being revealed for the very first time, as the veil is being lifted in these End Times and the 'Book' of Daniel 12:4 is being opened. This is where Dr. McQuate's research and specialized method of exegesis comes into play. After thousands of years, Dr. McQuate's works finally explain, in great detail, the Biblical riddles that have never been fully understood by the teachers and Pastors within Christendom and enable people to experience freedom, just as Jesus promised, for the very first time.

Dr. McQuate's Unrivaled Research 

Dr. McQuate Lecturing

Dr. Scott McQuate is an internationally-acclaimed lecturer and author recognized around the world for his powerful and elucidating research into ancient texts, including the Bible. He has been the featured guest on many radio shows, has been offered two appearances for documentaries on the History Channel and has taught thousands of individuals from around the globe. Many of those individuals have been his personal students and members of his social and teaching network, The Inner Circle found at 

Understanding the true message of the Bible and other ancient texts has become Dr. McQuate's life work as well as his passion. As such, he has spent tens of thousands of hours digging up the truth that has been intentionally buried. Anyone who has has read any Dr. McQuate's works knows that they are extremely interesting and hold extraordinary value as they contain content that has never been revealed in history. You will be pleasantly surprised, if not shocked when you learn the fascinating truth he has discovered hidden within the ancient languages, stone tablets and cryptic stories of the Bible regarding The Tribulation as well. The information Dr. McQuate has discovered is of the highest quality and will alter and heal your perception of the Creator's message to mankind.

If you sincerely are looking for the truth, you will know once-and-for-all that you have found what you've been looking for when you read The Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed from Texts Predating The Bible; and don't be surprised if you cannot put it down!

Dr. McQuate's discoveries are scintillating and his works are some of the most riveting you will ever read. What they contain is literally not available from any other source, are exclusive to his research and will transform your life. Dr. McQuate is a no-nonsense individual and understands his call is singular; teaching the truth, so you can be free. Read The Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed from Texts Predating The Bible today and prepare for the journey of a lifetime!



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Absolutely amazing book!
Philip from North Carolina
This book was recommended to me by a friend so I looked for it on Amazon where I found it for $149.00. I thought that was over the top so I did a search and found it at (the actual site to purchase Dr. McQuate's books) where I purchased it for $29.95. I spoke with a representative who told me that there is a scam on Amazon where people advertise popular books for extreme prices, buy them from the companies and then sell them for a profit. So, I hope that helps. He assured me that Dr. McQuate does not sell his books for those prices. Having said that, if I had known just how much incredible information I would learn from this book before I bought it, I would have gladly paid $149. It's changed my life and given me a new and much more accurate perspective on the End Times. He covers a lot of information so be ready to get a true education. The way he uses the cuneiform language is so powerful. I've never seen this done before and in my opinion it's revolutionary. Questions that I've never been able to get answered from pastors about the last days are now answered in full. I could go on and on but let me just say that everyone needs to get this book and read it several times. It's incredible.
Posted at 6:39:pm 06/04/17
Read it 3 times and got a serious education
Peter from Detroit, MI
I knew that when I purchased this book it was going to stretch me spiritually because my cousin told me about it. But with everything getting so crazy in the world, I knew I needed to read it for myself. I'm glad I did (three times so far). It not only challenged me spiritually but helped me understand the many false concepts I had of the end times from being in church my whole life. This book is one-of-a-kind IMHO and it helped me grasp what's really going on and what is going to happen. If I could afford it, I would buy a million copies and spread it around the globe. It's that powerful. I've read lots of Christian books and nothing, I mean 'nothing' touches the depth of what this book covers. I just don't have enough words to explain how it changed my life. Thanks to Dr. McQuate. I also plan on joining his inner circle website.
Posted at 11:49:pm 07/30/15
Added to my all-time favorite list of books
Anna from Tennessee
This book was mentioned in our Bible study and I ordered a copy as soon as I got home. It arrived in just a few days and I read it straight through in one sitting. Then I read it again the next day! I feel so blessed to have this kind of high-quality information to help me understand the last days. I've read many other books from our local Christian book store over the years (probably 100 or more) and they don't even compare to the indepth information the author of The Tribulation offers. This man has my gratitude and thanks. I plan on getting his entire package of books very soon.
Posted at 12:01:pm 03/16/15
Blows away anything I've read
Bill A. from Montreal
Such a fantastic book and it blows away anything else I've read by LaHaye or other writers on similar subjects. McQuate has done an outstanding job. I wish they would make a movie out of his content. Anyone who wants a clearer picture on the End Times need to read this book.
Posted at 10:45:am 03/16/15
Blows away anything else on the subject
MaestroV from Virginia
I have a fairly sizable library of prophecy, end time, biblical books (probably more than 1000 total) and this book leaves them in the dust. This man Dr. McQuate obviously has an anointing to uncover and teach the truth. Get the book and read it. It's going to fill that empty space inside of you that longs for the truth.
Posted at 11:48:am 01/07/15
Get the book and read it
Brian Johnson from Sacramento, CA
I put off buying this book for 6 months for one reason or another and I missed out on one of the most amazing reads ever. I've got something highlighted or underlined on almost every page because it is so full of great information. The videos seemed a little different than other Christian books I had seen advertised and I thought it might not be what I was looking for, but I was SO wrong. I've seen a few negative comments about Dr. McQuate online but there are far more positive statements. The people who speak down about him are obviously mistaken or possibly afraid (or maybe they're just hired to do it to keep people from getting the truth in the book?). Anyway, anybody who tells you that the author Dr. McQuate doesn't teach the truth or is a false teacher like I've seen some people say on the Internet, has obviously never read his stuff. He explains what so many things in Christianity really mean and how the truth about the Tribulation has been twisted, but he does it all with the ancient language of the Bible and proves the truth very, very well. The fact that the truth was hidden on purpose in the Bible is now clear to me and now that I've got my hands on this book I plan on getting the other books that he's written. This is an electrifying treatise on the Tribulation and if I had known how good it was I would not have waited. (I also think it would be very cool and very possible to make a movie based on the book. It would very likely crush the Left Behind movies IMHO.)
Posted at 5:18:pm 10/17/14
Never saw this coming...
Stan K. from Columbus, GA
I expected another 'decent' book on the end times, but never anything of this caliber. Whoa! This is a one-of-a-kind in my eyes and I have now read it 4 times in the last 3 months and have a pad full of notes. The author gives so many excellent answers I lost count. It'll get you off your spiritual duff, that's for sure because each page has something you've probably never heard before at least that's how it was for me. I really enjoyed how he unravels so many bible mysteries. It's truly a winner and something that everyone needs to read.
Posted at 3:27:pm 09/09/14
Amazing Prophetic Book!
Evelyn from Margaret
I truly believe this is a prophetic work and what Dr. McQuate has uncovered is altogether amazing. Thank you for your dedication!
Posted at 3:11:pm 09/09/14
Can a book change your life?
Marge A. from Pine Bluff, AK
The Tribulation certainly did change my life. I've read it now 3 times and get something new each time I read it. The author has provided more 'nuggets' than you can imagine and if you savor these pieces of truth, you'll find the truth you've been looking for. It's obvious that the truth has been hidden but that is something I doubted before reading Dr. McQuate's book. It can't be long now until the Father returns. Thank you for what you've done, Dr. McQuate. I believe you are changing lives with this information.
Posted at 9:00:am 06/16/14
Words can't express...
Mitchell from Gatlinburg, TN
I have waited for a book like this for 40 years. I love the Lord, but have grown weary of the rhetoric offered by the Pastors I've sat under over the years. I appreciate what Dr. McQuate has written more than I can express. His research gives me the answers that I always knew were there. I have read one book after another in our Bible studies and church groups over the years but nothing that opens the curtain to the truth like this. I believe this man's work is prophetic and if you are a lover of the truth, you'll know why I say that after you read this book. I'm off to purchase his other works and can't wait to find what else he's uncovered.
Posted at 8:36:am 06/16/14
Nothing like it - Awesome!
B. Gatton from Memphis, TN
I've never read anything like this book. It is truly an awesome read. I will be buying anything written by this man that I can get my hands on. In my opinion this is prophetic information. Thank you for heeding the call Dr. McQuate!
Posted at 12:27:pm 05/02/14
Doesn't get much better
John Wilson from North Carolina
It really doesn't get much better than this when it comes to reading the truth about the bible and the end times. I've been looking for something like this for years. Solid research that proves my hunch that the truth has been hidden from us. Fantastic book that I recommend with great enthusiasm.
Posted at 5:25:pm 02/03/14
Seriously good read
Jamie A. from Quebec, Canada
I like books and read all the time. These days I focus mostly on religious books dealing with the end times and prophecy. This book got my mind turning though like no other book I've read because the author has answered so many questions from an ancient point of view. Most books I read come from a religious point of view to answer religious questions but as he says the truth is not a religion. I think this is why I like this book so much because it answers religious questions through the lens of much older languages instead. The result is a very refreshing book that makes more sense than other things I've read.
Posted at 9:18:am 01/23/14
Great book and very nice author
Jacob from Boston, MA
The author Dr. McQuate actually took my call when I had a question. What? A 'live' person? you say. Yes and he spent several minutes to kindly answer my questions which I really appreciated. What a wealth of knowledge. I felt like I got schooled, in a good way. This man knows what's going on. I strongly suggest you get this eye-opening book and read it so you can know what's really going on, too. I'm going to also join his teaching website.
Posted at 9:01:am 01/23/14
What they don't tell you in church...
Melinda R. from New York, NY
After I read this book I wanted to give a copy to every Pastor and Bible school teacher I've ever had. They should make this required reading in Seminaries and Bible schools everywhere! I feel like I learned more about the truth of the end times and how to decipher the Bible from reading this book than from all my years in church and my 4 years at Liberty University. I have a new perspective and it's very exciting. (The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I want the author to stay inspired to write many more books! - Keep them coming Dr. McQuate!)
Posted at 5:38:pm 01/17/14
One of my all-time favorite books
Mel from Ontario, Canada
I've read a lot of books over the years. Some good some bad. This is right at the top of the 'good' list. A very well-researched body of knowledge that took me to places I never knew existed. Very interesting information and the author teaches what the 'old' Bible stories actually mean for the world today. I heartily recommend this book with 2 thumbs up.
Posted at 5:23:pm 01/17/14
My goodness what a book!
Marilyn S. from Denver, CO
I felt like I got a true education from this book. When you think you're not sure where he's taking you you just flip the page and he reveals another piece of the hidden puzzle. It still gives me pause when I think of all of the truly important information that the religious leaders and others have kept secret for so long. I'm sure this book is waking more and more people up to that issue though. I sincerely appreciate this man's dedication to research and it's obvious that it's playing an important role at this time.
Posted at 2:57:pm 01/17/14
Fascinating and well worth reading
Jason from Texas
I bought this book online at the recommendation of a close friend from my church and finished reading it the same day it arrived. That was two weeks ago and it's been on my mind ever since. As a Baptist minister of 20 years I like to think that I have a fairly good grasp on the basics of the Bible and end times issues but I'm truly humbled by what Dr. McQuate has found. He covers a lot of things from the Sumerian language and shows how they relate to the Bible stories in ways that are obviously true, but I have never heard before. And his findings shed a lot of light on biblical eschatology. I was and still am floored. This is one of the most interesting books I've read in over 20 years and for anyone who really cares about the 'good stuff' that you know God has for you but you don't know how to find it, this is the book for you. It's really an eye-opener and I plan on reading his other books. Thank you Dr. McQuate.
Posted at 2:32:pm 01/17/14
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